Electrical maintenance

Overview and content

Electrical maintenance training covers a broad range of basic electrical maintenance activities that will prepare the learner for entry into the engineering or manufacturing sectors, creating a progression between training and employment, or that will provide a basis for the development of additional skills and occupational competences in the working environment.

Learning objectives

The training will cover a range of electrical maintenance activities, such as isolating and locking off, disconnecting, removing and reconnecting electrical components, wires and cables, attaching cable identification markers, replacing damaged or defective components, cables and wires, setting and adjusting components, and making ‘off-load’ checks before testing the equipment, using appropriate techniques and procedures.

At the end of the training, you’ll be able to apply appropriate electrical maintenance techniques and procedures safely and understand the electrical maintenance process and its application. You’ll also know about the electrical equipment and systems being maintained, the components, tools and consumables used to the required depth to provide a sound basis for carrying out the activities to the required specification.

You’ll also understand the safety precautions required when carrying out the maintenance activities (especially those for ensuring that the equipment is correctly isolated), and when using maintenance tools and equipment. You’ll be required to demonstrate safe working practices throughout, and understand your responsibility for taking the necessary safeguards to protect themselves and others in the workplace.

You’ll be expected to prepare for the electrical maintenance activities by obtaining all necessary information, documentation, tools and equipment required, then plan how you intend to carry out the required maintenance activities and the sequence of operations you intend to use.

You’ll be required to select the appropriate equipment to use, based on the maintenance operations to be carried out and the type of electrical equipment/systems being maintained. This will include electrical equipment that uses single, three-phase or direct current power supplies, and includes equipment such as control systems, motors and starters, switchgear and distribution panels, electrical plant, pumps, fans, alternators, generators, transformers, wiring enclosures and luminaires, portable appliances and other specific electrical equipment.

You’ll also use a variety of maintenance diagnostic techniques and procedures, such as gathering information from fault reports, using recognised fault finding techniques and diagnostic aids, measuring, inspecting and operating the equipment.

You’ll be required to comply with health and safety requirements and organisational policy and procedures for the electrical maintenance activities undertaken. You’ll also need to take account of any potential difficulties or problems that may arise with the maintenance activities, and to seek appropriate help and advice in determining and implementing a suitable solution.

You’ll work under a high level of supervision, whilst taking responsibility for your own actions and for the quality and accuracy of the work that you carry out.

Entry requirements

No prior training or knowledge is required.

Dates, fees and booking

For further information, please email neil.dorward@tynemet.ac.uk

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