Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) training via e-learning

Learn to programme PLC systems from the convenience of your workplace or home, at a time and pace to suit you.

The course

The PLC Programming Series (PLC Programming Modules 1, 2 and 3) offers a complete package in PLC Programming.

This online course includes interactive content and decision-making activities based on real shop floor scenarios, paired with assessments, automated reporting, high-definition videos and background audio commentary on every subject.

The PLC Programming Series is highly recommended for anyone new to PLCs and PLC Programming or who has limited experience in working with PLCs and would like to further their knowledge and skills.

Flexibility and support

The package includes the support of a personal tutor, plus a full set of learning manuals and materials to complete the training. You’ll have access to the course 24/7 so that you can study and practice programming online or offline at a time that’s entirely flexible to suit you. Access lasts for 365 days.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the training, you’ll have a detailed understanding of the most used instructions and routines in programming, as well as be confident in working with PLCs and developing your own ladder programs.


£194.95 per person

The course is delivered by our training solutions partner, Scantime.

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